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In Loving Memory


From different times and through a variety of divine appointments, I deeply appreciate the courage, servant-leadership, and personal standards of excellence portrayed in the lives of Mrs. R.T. Spivey, Mrs. Carol Koning and Mr. Jim Heiniger. I know they are enjoying the very presence of the Savior now. And I know the faithfulness and generosity […]

Pictures from the VA FEW


What a blessing it was to be part of the VA FEW earlier this month!        There are more pictures in this album and an excellent overview (with even more pictures!) in a recent post on the Wilkes’ website. We’re looking forward to the next and final conference of the year in New […]

Esther Update :)

The Shahadah sisters! Ruth, Elisabeth and Rebekah!

There have been a lot of highlights of the past couple weeks. Yea! A letter from Jonathan! It was good to hear that he is surviving down there in ALERT. Two exciting trips with the family for the ATI conference and Cousin Tim’s wedding. Meeting a World War 11 Veteran who survived Iwo Jima! Some […]

Ready or Not

How would you answer???

At a certain point in the future God the Father will decide that the time is right. Then His Son the Bridgroom will divide the heavens and set foot once again on the earth announcing ‘Ready or not, here I come’. Will I be ready? The answer to that question is really answered by whether […]

Come and see the works of God

The enthusiasm with with Jim Schettler spoke was contageously encouraging in and of itself!

It has been a powerful week. “Why would you want to waste your life merely doing great things for God, when He has called us to do do impossible things? If you were stricken with polio and had to live the rest of your life in excruciating pain, would you praise and thank God for […]