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About the 2012 Calendar: November


Morning Light One could hardly have asked for a more marvelous Christmas morning! It was probably the earliest I had ever awoke for a Christmas Day, but what did that matter? On vacation with the family in Sanibel Florida in 2009, we were blessed to follow whatever schedule we pleased. And being in-landers from West […]

Living by Giving

Is thy cruse of comfort failing?      Rise and share it with a friend, And through all the years of famine      It shall serve thee to the end. Love divine will fill thy storehouse,      Or thy handful still renew; Scanty fare for one will often      Make a royal feast for two. For […]

About the 2012 Calendar: October


Autumn Wandering I haven’t spent much time in West Virginia during the fall season over the past few years. This year, I was in California. The three preceding years I was in Chicago. Thus, the last time I had the opportunity to shoot fall colors in West Virginia was back in 2007. And I remember […]

About the 2012 Calendar: September


First Morning Light It isn’t every morning that the sky is scattered with gold-lined clouds broken by colorful rays of warm sunlight. I was at the Northwoods Conference Center in the Ottawa National Forest for almost an entire week and this was the only sunrise of it’s rank in splendor. The hardest part of taking […]

About the 2012 Calendar: August


Falls in the Forest Of all the pictures in the 2012 Calendar, this one is my favorite! I had been on the lookout for an image like this for years, and yet I didn’t even see it when I first stumbled upon it. It all started on May 22 of 2011 when I decided to […]

About the 2012 Calendar: July


Life in the Desert How long did it take for you to discover the little mammal in this picture? At first glance, it isn’t noticeable. And that’s a good thing. I love pictures that are deeper than one look and include little things that pop out each time it is viewed. When I took the […]

About the 2012 Calendar: June


Shadows of Approaching Evening I find it ironic that flat, farmland states such as Indiana and Illinois boast parks that feature long, deep canyons carved in the otherwise bleak landscape. Whether at Turkey Run State Park in Indiana, Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio, or Starved Rock State Park in Illinois, I’ve observed straight trails […]

US Supreme Court Upholds Freedom of Religion

9-0 the US Supreme Court rules that the federal government (including agencies like the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) has no business interfering with a religious institution’s decisions on what ministers to hire and fire. It would simply be unconstitutional. The Court’s Ruling “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the […]

About the 2012 Calendar: May


Looking Toward Heaven Just about every flower is beautiful to look at, and for this reason are extremely common subjects for photographs. Hence, to capture a unique picture of a flower is not common, and not easy. That is what I was thinking when I pulled out the camera and walked down to Mom’s flower […]

About the 2012 Calendar: April


A Restful Afternoon The afternoon was gloriously peaceful as I strolled along with my family down a country lane after a short hike to a quaint, yet picturesque little waterfall in the valley. We were visiting friends in Canada near Peterborough, Ontario. Down by the waterfall, the dense forest of northern conifers and hardwoods lent […]