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Shadows of Approaching Evening


I find it ironic that flat, farmland states such as Indiana and Illinois boast parks that feature long, deep canyons carved in the otherwise bleak landscape. Whether at Turkey Run State Park in Indiana, Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio, or Starved Rock State Park in Illinois, I’ve observed straight trails going on the level in a field or forest come suddenly upon a sheer drop off into a canyon that plunges 50 feet down or more.

It was at just such a park where I took this image used for the month of June in the 2012 Calendar. After a time of hiking around in the twisting ravines of Starved Rock, I settled down for a meal in this large field close to the park entrance. The long, deep shadows impressed me as their long arms grew in synchronicity with the setting sun. Perhaps this seemingly unattractive place would yield a better reward than all those twisting canyons put together.

Treasure isn’t always where we expect to find it. There is that scatters, and yet increases; and there is that withholds more than is meet, but it tends to poverty (Proverbs 11:24). The ironic message of honor through submission softly interwoven in this image helps to give it’s rank as 1 among only 12 chosen for Lenspiration’s 2012 Calendar, now available for purchase online at Lenspiration.com.

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  1. The Martin Family January 23, 2012 at 2:20 pm #

    This is by far one of our favorites, James, due to it’s simplicity and breath taking beauty in shades of green!!! Love it!!

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