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Santorum Surging!

I had decided to vote for Rick Santorum in the Republican primaries. I didn’t care that he didn’t seem to have as much support as the others at first. The primaries are not a time to vote for the one you think everyone will vote for, but a time for Americans to show their honest […]

About the 2012 Calendar: March


Butterfly Brilliance I remember clearly the peaceful, bright Sunday afternoon in Gageum-ri, South Korea where this picture was taken. It was not necessarily the taking of the picture that I remember so clearly as it was the location at which I took it. You see, after church on that spring morning earlier this year, the […]

The Creation Museum

The entrance

Donald, Michael, Esther, James, Daniel, Jonathan, Robert & Kendalyn, and I had a lot of fun at the creation museum, learning about scientific proof that God created the world in six days, and that there was a worldwide flood. It was the first time most of us had been there. Their presentation of creation and […]

About the 2012 Calendar: February


Cold of Snow When West Virginia gets snow, it usually doesn’t stick around unless it’s January or February, the coldest part of the year in the Appalachians. And when it comes, it transforms the dull, brown landscape into an incredibly beautiful winter wonderland. I remember taking this picture back in 2007. It hadn’t been snowing […]

About the 2012 Calendar: January


Bridge Over the Ice January 21, 2011 was a bitter cold evening. As I recall, the temperature hovered around 10 degrees. It was fairly clear, the moon was full and a nice blanket of snow covered the ground, so I ventured directly from my office into the cold with camera, tripod, and shutter release in […]