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Horrah for Hardy Kiwi! 2011 Report

David standing under our hardy kiwi vine

Experimenting with hardy kiwi in the mountains of north central West Virginia has been an interesting experience. Also called “kiwi berries”, Actinidia arguta is a species of kiwifruit that grows a smaller, smooth skinned version of the big fuzzy ones we are familiar with in the grocery stores. As its name implies, it is much […]

Salem Apple Butter Festival!

Time to celebrate!

Earlier this month everyone pitched in to make it possible to have a family booth at the Apple Butter Festival. This year we added cookies and West Virginia Fruit and Berry jellies in addition to the honey, candles, calendars and artwork sales. Just for fun, we put up a little table for anyone interested in […]

Remember Spring

Spring morning

Most of you know that I enjoy the fall season. It is the middle of autumn now and we have experienced the joys of reaping what was sown, and drying, canning, pickling… and being pickled (in our own sweat!) 🙂 And of coarse we are looking forward to Thanksgiving, when “the frost is on the […]

Josh and Lisa Wilkes!

Emily helping wrap the gifts!

We were so privileged to be able to pitch in and assist with the wedding preparations of our dear friends Joshua Wilkes and Lisa Butler, and to witness their joyful union on September 17. Here are some of our pictures from the event. For more pictures, check out the Wilkes’, and Neelys’ websites! “And with Thy […]

Purchase with a Purpose


It’s October 1: the day for a special announcement! My brother Jonathan would like to attend 9-weeks of ministry training at ALERT, an academy in Big Sandy, Texas that equips young people with the discipline, character, and life skills necessary to meet the needs of people in crisis. Jonathan is very excited about this opportunity! […]