1. Michael January 17, 2011 at 8:08 am #

    Here is a good report on the results of Reagan’s ideas as they were implemented during his presidency, check out http://www.cato.org/pubs/pas/pa261.pdf

  2. Michael January 20, 2011 at 8:32 am #

    Thank you Denise for your kind comments and for acknowledging that we control blog content. Here are excerpts from your comments that I think will most benefit our readers. It would be nice if more people could take the time to become government policy experts.

    “During the speech he discusses big government and social welfare programs and the weaknesses of both.
    “Reagan did slash the welfare budget by billions a year, but at the same time spent more than that on defense. [insert: don’t forget why]
    “Bush and other presidents who applied the Keynesian economic theory haven’t fared much better either.
    “Welfare is defined as family/child assistance, housing, and unemployment benefits. In 1980’s, welfare costs for all level of governments (federal, state and local) cost $950 per capita. In 2010 it was $2591 per capita. The population also increased by 64.6 million during that time. So government welfare spending has increased only $1,641 per person over a 22 year period. TOTAL government spending has increased by $17,617 per person over the same time period. What does the federal government spend their budget on?

    Defense 895 billion
    Health Care 829.5 billion
    Pensions 774.3 billion
    Welfare 557 billion
    Interest 187.8 billion
    Education 157 billion
    Other 109 billion
    Transportation 106.5 billion
    Protection 55 billion
    General Government 30.6 billion

    “It’s not just big government that is the concern, but also the increasing influence of mega-sized corporations on our government through lobbying and donations.
    “AIG is so huge it’s been catered to by two administrations and their bad debts paid off at our expense. So the government gives big corps money because they’re “too big to fail” and the companies hand out bonuses to their workers and they become richer while this country piles on more debt.
    “Author note: budget information was found on http://www.usgovernmentspending.com

    “I spent HOURS reading CATO, the Heritage foundation, non-secular reports, and governmental reports such as the 2007 Economic Report of the President (Source: Dept of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics). And all I have come away with is the conclusion that there is NO consensus on which president was best where the economy is concerned.
    “Not a single president ever, in my opinion, tried to destroy the fabric of the American people because they were malicious.
    “I thank you for the opportunity you’ve given me to become more involved in politics, thank you for encouraging me to think and research, and thank you for allowing me to post my responses. [By comparison] your family is very accommodating to the opinions of others.”

  3. Donald January 22, 2011 at 8:06 am #

    Thank you for finding this Michael. I am glad that it has stayed on our “Front Page” for so long until folks like me will take the time to sit down and listen.
    It is like a refreshing waterfall to hear the “great communicator” remind us of the simple (granted not easy-to-implement but certainly simple-to-understand) truth that systems are made for the people, and not the people for the system.
    (As a side note, I noticed three other things: 1) From the back view it looked like Reagan’s notepad was very small–so it seems that what he stated stemmed from his heart as well as his facts and that is important; 2) The people in the audience were well dressed and respectable looking; and 3) There were young people in the audience, understanding or trying to understand a highly-educated presentation.)
    As Davy Crockett or George Bush might say, God bless us young and old, rich and poor, republican and democrat with boldness and resolve to be sure when we’re right, then go ahead!


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