“Once a King … Always a King”

Saturday, August 29–the time had gone by so fast.

We had been true co-laborers in Mongolia during the 2004-2005 school year. Stateside, our families met at the Training January 2005Conference in Big Sandy, Texas, near our friend’s home town. Now he was passing through our home town in West Virginia on the way to a new place of service and study August 2009along with his wife and two dear children.

What an encouragement. The children responded to their parents in a way that we had rarely witnessed before and overall their family was gifted with contagious enthusiasm. We were blessed by their example and it was a happy reunion to say the least.

The meat and potatoes we had for supper reminded us more of "Tsoyven" that we enjoyed in Mongolia than the simple spaghetti dinners that Adam, he and I used to make.

Their little girl, almost 2, and ... . . . and boy, at four months.

On Friday night we had a surprise after-dinner-game and saw pictures from the place where they were going to live. On Saturday we had the Wisdom Search, Breakfast, then a tour of the property all interspersed with news from old friends and flash-back memories of Mongolia: the snow and the language and the food, not to mention musical instruments and throat-singing (which sounds more like a cicada than a human voice). And he could still sing the first verse of Jesus Loves Me in Mongolian.

Fellowship = Those with the same goals going in the same direction.

Foreman Michael giving a tour of the orchard, from bees to kiwis. At the overlook.



Now, after lunch and before our farewell, we were surprised that it had gone so quickly. At the same time we were grateful that our short reunion had been possible and, as we reflected one more time we were also grateful in a way that despite the years and so many changes we were still the same! Christ, in each of us, was the life of our very-different personalities just as He always had been!

So, “Once a king in Narnia, always a king in Narnia …” (C.S. Lewis). This is usually quoted to illustrate that eternal life is eternally secure but I would like to take it further and say that “Once a king in the kingdom of heaven, always a king in the kingdom of heaven–and you never know when and where you may meet up again with those with whom you have served before!”



  1. Esther Staddon September 12, 2009 at 2:33 pm #

    Their visit was so much fun! I’m so thrilled that I’m getting enough reception here at Eagle Springs to check our family blog on my phone! Keep up the good work there, everyone!

  2. Mom (and James) September 14, 2009 at 9:37 pm #

    I love the picture of Dad with the hat and shovel. 🙂

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