ATI Conference Part 1

The resent results of Flash News Interviews shows that the Staddon family unanimously The Spirit of God was there!agrees that a major highlight of the conference was the fellowship they had with the families there of like heart. They are eager to say: “God rewarded all the effort that went into packing up and traveling the 500 miles to Nashville Tennessee.”

Here are their individual replies to the interview:

   Dad: “The anointing of the Holy Spirit that we are experiencing is based on the sanctifying truths of God’s Word in the messages we heard. This anointing is equipping us for the great works of Bill Gothard prays for Dad.maintaining marriage oneness and family harmony. We are already preparing to share these truths with several churches in the year ahead.” 

Mom: “I was encouraged by Chris Hogan’s ministry in exhorting all whom God brings into his life.” Meeting the needs of those he is discipling is a higher priority than the ministry he is a part of.” Michael being annointed!

Michael: “I feel like I grew about 100 years worth in my walk with  God. The things I received at the conference removed barriers, renewed my vision, and provided a greater foundation for the work God will be having me to do.”

Robert: “The conference began with a dynamic message by Governor Sunny Perdue from Georgia Opening night with Governor Sunny Perdue. on the need for courage in public leadership. After personally talking with the Governor, I was inspired by his love for the Lord and his desire to apply Christian principles in daily life.”

This is only half of the report! In Part 2 we will be hearing from the rest of the family. Thank you all for joining Flash News Interviews. Come back soon!


  1. Daniel June 4, 2008 at 3:26 pm #


  2. Donald June 4, 2008 at 5:53 pm #

    Praise the Lord.
    His Word will not return void and it’s encouraging to begin hearing about what happens when brothers and sisters in Christ reprioritize around Him. I can hardly believe I’ve missed two in a row! The fellowship (on that scale) is truly missed.


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