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Praise the Lord for Bikes!

Ever since late spring, when you can expect things to stay hot and muggy and there is no fear of it ever getting cold again (or at least for a while), I have always wanted to get a bike and explore the surrounding area. I’ve always enjoyed biking, whether it was racing through neighborhoods playing […]

Incredible Example of a Giver

I was in serious trouble! I had promised to bring back dinner from a certain restaurant for a friend who was busy at work. Unfortunately, by the time I was finished enjoying my own dinner, the restaurant had closed and I was unable to fulfill my promise. It was a terrible feeling! A while later […]

A Historic Disaster

At this time 145 years ago, not only had West Virginia just gained statehood, but the famous Gettysburg campaign was in full swing. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia moved unchecked into the Cumberland Valley of Pennsylvania, General Meade was about to take command of the Federal Army of the Potomac, and the stage was set […]

Happy Birthday West Virginia

Today is June 20th and it is West Virginia’s 145th birthday. We are thankful that we are free mountaineers. West Virginia is in the heart of the Appalachian Highlands. It is a very beautiful place to live and is nick named the Mountain State. West Virginia entered the union on June 20, 1863 as the […]

The Banker’s Business

“Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also” (Matthew 6:21). This is one more reason I’ve come to appreciate the Mega International Commercial Bank. Not only have they made the classroom banking scenario here at the school as realistic as possible, but in all actuality they have been more than willing to help […]

This is Our Father’s Day

  We are so blessed with a righteous father   who leads his family in the ways of the Lord! Thank you Dad! In so many ways you are a picture of who our Heavenly Father is to us. The following medley of revised lines from hymns and spiritual songs was compiled in his honor on […]

David turns Twelve!

One morning we decorated the house for my birthday. Michael designed a great cake for me with the picture of a lion  head on it. One of the best things about my birthday was that I got my new 4/4 violin. We ordered four violins to try out. Esther and I learned a lot about listening […]

ATI Conference Part 2

Thank you for joining us as Flash News Interviews returns with the rest of the story… Esther: “I enjoyed discussing Bible lessons with my pre-EXCEL team of attentive 8-11 year old girls. I came away with encouraged to be a purged, clean vessel that is sanctified and ready for the Master’s use. 2 Tim. 2:21 […]

Building Blocks

Well, just an update here! I continue to be amazed at the beauty and efficiency of Mandarin Chinese–Characters in the Bible continue to come alive with meaning. Recently in Genesis was the bittersweet story of Hagar. Here are several words that stood out (as best as I could decipher them): * Maidservent = woman + […]