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As simple as it may seem, coordinating “English immersion classes” for the fifth-graders of Taoyuan county is a huge task. Taoyuan city alone is a huge city population-wise and with the country’s largest airport nearby, it has become one of Taiwan’s busiest places.

Faithful Office Staff

We really appreciate the office staff that work to coordinate our efforts with the visions of leadership in government. It takes real dedication and heart. In the picture from left to right we have Lee, Eric, Rachel, Leon and Aaron.

Lee spent enough time in the states (14 years) to bring his English to perfection and is like an American member of the team.

Eric doesn’t shy away from menial tasks and has been there more than once when we needed transportation. His English competence has escalated significantly which amazed us all.

Rachel serves as the principle, is able to get things done and makes it a high priority to make our time here as enjoyable as possible.

Leon, from Jhongli, has one little child of his own now and has spear-headed the emphasis on character here. He loves C.S.Lewis and provides moral support in a culture that is so different than our own.

Aaron, the newest member of the office staff team, has his Master’s in mathematics but willingly serves with the little things needing done. Most recently that was by posting character definitions around the school. May it be an influence for good on all who see them.

Thank you to each of you! We are encouraged by your example in these areas. God bless your work!

Chalk pictures are one way to illustrate character

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