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Today was Different

I know these posts are supposed to be short, but today was long. The plan for today was to work for Mr. and Mrs. McClanen. Simple enough: probably split wood for hours on end and enjoy the new verses I was memorizing and meditating on. God had other plans, but I still enjoyed the Scripture […]

A Great Ministry

For a summer job last year, I worked for a funeral home in town run by Mr. and Mrs. Greathouse. They were unable to do most of the manual labor of keeping up the property, so I was able to serve them by weed-whacking, mowing, weeding, trimming bushes and so forth. By the time the […]

Granola Bars

Oats! Their hearty whole grain taste is one of my favorites. In this recipe Mom combines them with coconut, honey and wheat germ to make the granola bars that we’ve come to enjoy both at home and on the road. They’re delicious but not overly sweet, packed with energy and easy to transport. Try for […]

Good News from a Far Country

It has been a little over a month now since I returned from a three-week expedition to the Philippines. Looking over the pictures, however, brings each experience and opportunity freshly back to mind! Several times I was surrounded by groups of eager children, curiously watching and patiently listening as I explained the message of the […]

Babysitting Odyssey

The opportunity arose for my cousin Karen and her husband John to tour Israel and I was honored to be asked to baby-sit their four boys at their home in NC. Realizing that I needed help, I asked my friend Emma Isitt from Oregon to come with me because of her zeal for working with […]

The One and Only Snow Storm!

We learned many things about caring for children during our stay with the Altizer boys. One of them was the importance of keeping baby powder, among other things, out of the reach of little hands. On a pleasant afternoon as the twins were supposedly napping, Josh and I were playing play dough when Emma suddenly […]

What’s Really There

Despite its beauty and extraordinary singularity, snow can be rather difficult to take pictures of, especially while it is still snowing. Cameras are quite delicate. Water ruins delicate equipment. Snow is just another form of water. In other words, you can’t take many pictures until the snow stops. In my situation, because the temperature hovered […]

The Way of the Master

I wonder why sharing the wonderful news of the Gospel is sometimes so difficult? Perhaps it’s because that often I don’t do it the way Jesus did. Recently our family has enjoyed watching the fun videos at Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron have a great sense of humor, but they really know how to […]

Winter Art

The first snow this year of any significance fell on January 9. After snowing an inch or so in the morning, the clouds thinned and it appeared the day would be rather dull. However, come late afternoon, a sudden darkness of clouds came in and within a few minutes, it began to snow again. By […]