Proclaiming the Reason for the Season

Standing in a crowd of friends and neighbors, sipping my warm cup of hot chocolate, I listened to the familiar sounds of Christmas carols floating through the chilly night air. It was the annual town Christmas Celebration at the Salem depot!

{Dec15} James, David, Esther, & Daniel playing bellsThis year Esther, James, Daniel & David played four beautiful Christmas carols on the bells, thanks to an invitation from our friend Mike Davis. Jonathan, David, and Robert also played a bell arrangement they {Dec15} Jonathan, David, and Robert play Silent Nighthad come up with day before. And afterwards Donald and Michael joined the rest of us on stage to sing a few more Christmas carols together.
{Dec15} Jonathan, Grandpa, and Grandma watch from the bleachersWith his red and white hat bobbing in the breeze, the announcing DJ told the crowd how that he was so grateful we had reminded everyone that this was a Christian holiday and that Jesus was the real reason for the season. Amen to that! We were honored when he then handed us his business card and asked us to contact him about playing for the Apple Butter Festival next year!

What a blessing to be able to remind the world that Christmas is really all about Christ!
{Dec15} Singing Christmas Carols

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  1. James December 19, 2006 at 9:19 am #

    Thanks Robert for putting this post up. This was the first time we had ever played for a secular audience and I am so glad it worked out. Its a great joy to proclaim the name of Christ under the lime light!

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