Mission Accomplished

{Philippines 06} Boarding the PlaneAfter three full days of traveling (two of which were the same day of the week, thanks to the International date line), I finally arrived home from the Philippines on the 12th.

{Philippines 06} Friendly FilipinosThis trip went far beyond my expectations. Seeing how the Lord was able to use each member of the team to spread His Word to orphanages, schools, and churches was absolutely thrilling! My own outlook on world missions was{Philippines 06} A Large Character Class greatly enhanced as I experienced day to day life in a different culture. And my heart was blessed over and over again as I was able to meet, learn from, and minister to Filipinos of all ages.

I’ve included a few pictures from the prayer updates but I’ll look forward to hopefully posting more when I can. Thank you all for your prayers! God is good!
{Philippines 06} Attentive Students{Philippines 06} A Forgiveness Skit{Philippines 06} The Team Enjoys a Filipino Dinner

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  1. James and David December 14, 2006 at 4:08 pm #

    Wow, we really liked your post. It was good to see some pictures and hope to see some more. Teaching all over the place looked fun.

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