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A Special Day for Grandma


I do a lot of landscape photography. It’s what I enjoy most. But there is a much greater benefit to shooting landscapes than simply personal enjoyment . . . getting to know my camera. When you know your camera well, you can shoot anything. Whatever genre you enjoy, the more you do it, the more […]

What made America Great?

Sunrise on America

Our congressman David McKinley asks, “What Made America Great?” He did not present his own conclusions, but this question is definitely one worth asking, and if possible, worth finding an answer to. There are many aspects of America’s greatness, including freedom, education, religion, family, economy, etc. So how do you keep freedom from becoming chaos? […]

Continuing a Christmas Tradition . . .

. . . decorating Christmas cookies! For as long as I can remember, we’ve decorated sugar cookies (with as much detail as possible!) at Christmastime as a family. It’s loads of fun, and it  never ceases to amaze me that the creativity of one year seems to always surpass the creativity of the year before!

Pictures from the VA FEW


What a blessing it was to be part of the VA FEW earlier this month!        There are more pictures in this album and an excellent overview (with even more pictures!) in a recent post on the Wilkes’ website. We’re looking forward to the next and final conference of the year in New […]

Come and see the works of God

The enthusiasm with with Jim Schettler spoke was contageously encouraging in and of itself!

It has been a powerful week. “Why would you want to waste your life merely doing great things for God, when He has called us to do do impossible things? If you were stricken with polio and had to live the rest of your life in excruciating pain, would you praise and thank God for […]

Christmas Celebrations! Part II


Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were just as enjoyable as the days leading up to them. When it’s together as a family, any activity is fun! Here are some more pictures from the Staddon Family Christmas Celebrations! Decorating the House: Decorating Cookies: Christmas Eve Gift Exchange: Christmas Day! Hope you are looking forward as much […]

Runner from Ravenshead

Runner from Ravenshead DVD

Tonight our family enjoyed one of the most meaningful, funny, and enjoyable family films we’ve seen in a long time! This incredible feature film only has five actors, all under the age of 10. It combined great dialog, humor, suspense, a powerful allegory, and some really cute kids. Enjoy watching the trailer! “Even though it […]

A Bates Sized Project


Over the last month, I’ve had the privilege of working on a cover design for the Bates family’s newest project: a soon-to-be-released music CD featuring 13 rousing hymns for piano arranged exclusively by Erin Bates! And like pretty much everything else the Bates family does, it is not your normal sized project. 🙂 Being in […]