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God of Creation


The church was packed. Even with a few minutes left before the service would start last Sunday morning, it was hard to find a spot to sit. But once this was accomplished, squashed with two other guys at the end of a pew, I asked someone what the reason was for the crowd. “Heard of […]

The Church’s Highest Aim

Before the word “Christians” was invented in Antioch, the followers of Christ were commonly called “disciples” (Acts 6:7 and over 20 other times in the book of Acts) and “saints” (60 times in the Epistles and Acts). The significance of the use of the word “saints” is that it means “holy” (hagios in the Greek, […]

Future Human Habitat

After reading of some folks’ concerns about a sustainable human future on our planet, I am reminded of the words of God: “men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth;” Luke 21:26 Their primary concerns are poor environment, overpopulation, and unsustainable economy. Yet these pale […]