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Guard that flag!

          A few weeks ago I happened to be reflecting on the games of capture the flag we had with friends in Virginia. As long as a flag is well guarded, the game can actually seem pointless. Suddenly a new perspective struck me: Satan feels the “game” is pointless when our hearts are well guarded! A courageous […]

Orchard Patrol Birdfeeder

    An idea was put into action in 2004 which has turned out to be a success after a two-year trial. The idea was to make a specially designed birdfeeder that would attract specific beneficial species of birds to the orchard area. The beneficial species include those with the habit of finding and eating the harmful insects […]

Today was Different

I know these posts are supposed to be short, but today was long. The plan for today was to work for Mr. and Mrs. McClanen. Simple enough: probably split wood for hours on end and enjoy the new verses I was memorizing and meditating on. God had other plans, but I still enjoyed the Scripture […]