When What You’re Looking For Doesn’t Exist

Photographing for the new Lenspiration photo assignment turned out much better than I expected! Isn’t it great that ideas from sources outside of yourself are often what help you find exactly what you could not find by yourself?

I think it’s interesting how, without my intending it, this video actually illustrated my own personal pursuit of purity. Every day, though I often desire to do what is right, I can not seem to do what is right because I know that in me (that is, in my flesh), there dwells no good thing. No matter how hard I look for purity of my own, it doesn’t exist. Only Jesus is pure. Until I humble myself and let the purity of Jesus be the purity in me that I seek for, I will never find true purity. It’s total surrender. It’s the Gospel! Christ imputing His righteousness to me, and then me, living that out. True purity, from a source outside of myself.

The final shot, as you can see, is a merge of multiple different shots. I really wanted to make it look like there was an abundance of silver. Kinda hard to do when all you have is one bar, a small stack of coins and few non-silver but silver-looking objects. 🙂

This was my base shot:

Then I added the “second bar” of silver from this shot:

This is where I got the “second stack” of silver coins:

And these two shots where where I got the “third” and “fourth” stacks of silver coins:

After removing and tweaking the colors in Photoshop, I was fairly pleased with the finished product. Think it’s artistic enough to be used in an illustrative calendar?

Though I don’t feel any of the shots I took at the lake illustrate the idea of “Pure”, I figured I would at least show you two shots I took there that I think I actually like.

This first one I couldn’t help but photograph because of the beautiful textures and shape I noticed in the grass.

I had never tried shooting rain drops like this before, so that was pretty fun too. It was a lot more difficult than I thought though. 🙂

So, now that you’ve watched me shoot for the latest photo assignment, it’s time for you to get out your camera and go find and photograph something for Pure!

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