Reviving Photos from the Far Distant Past

Ever since the Journey to the Heart Challenge back in January, I’ve been camping out in Isaiah 55 during my memorization time at night.

And then a couple weeks ago this photo request comes in…

Cherith Studio’s said, “I’m looking for a photo to illustrate Isaiah 55:8-9 and a photo to illustrate Isaiah 55:10-12. The photos will be used in a slideshow for a Bible club.”

And I’m like, “Wow, what great verses to shoot for!” And so I went to town looking for some good photos to submit for the latest Lenspiration photo assignment, Beautiful Scenery.

Going Deeper

Finding pictures to submit from your past portfolio is fine, but for those of you who want to go deeper and actually learn how to take a picture of beautiful scenery and be confident that the picture you take of the scenery will actually turn out beautifully, here’s some new premium training on how to do just that: Advanced Composition: an Essey on Overlap. You’ll start looking at the world around you in a different way.

Now It’s Your Turn!

So, whether you decide to dig up an old picture from the past or go out and shoot a new one, be sure to get the details at Beautiful Scenery assignment.

Looking forward to seeing your submissions!

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