Spreading Christmas Cheer

The Gift Shoppe, one of thirteen restored cabins.Der belsnickelDer fiddler Over the two weekends after Thanksgiving, Fort New Salem put on a “living history” event that we really enjoyed. It was called “Spirit of Christmas in the Mountains” a good name for an event that brings back to life what Christmas in West Virginia looked and felt like long ago.

Among the variety of other things at the fort it was good to sell the all-original Christmas ornament that commemorates the one-hundredth-year anniversary of the train station. There at the fort one memory that stands out is signing the back of an ornament for one couple who said they had a tradition of finding a new decoration for the tree every year. And why were they buying two? Because a grandmother had also celebrated her one hundredth year this year!

But now a special announcement for those who live in the big city of Morgantown (or regions beyond) and may not want to drive out west to find Salem …


The Christmas ornaments are available at Artworks, the gallery/gift shop of Lotus MacDowell, in Bridgeport.

Visit online or find directions here.

Thank you Lotus and Artworks for enabling us to spread the Christmas cheer! You have encouraged me in my effort to bring the personability and meaning of Christmas closer to home. Merry Christmas!

Christmas cheer is a contagious cheer! One way the Lord has encouraged me this Christmas season is through all the customers I’ve met through the sale of the Salem Depot Centennial Christmas Ornament. The longer I’m in business the more people I meet who are happy to buy local.

Huge shopping centers are great for some things. But getting to know the local market has special benefits, much more at Christmastime, when the person you are buying for may appreciate the place from which their gift has come. “Spreading the Christmas cheer” starts at home!

On Saturdays it was a good experience to work in the gift shoppe and stay available in case a customer wanted a hand-written message on the back.The ornaments fit in well with all the other things people had made.My pen-and-ink rendering shows how the depot appeared in 1975.

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  1. Daniel Staddon December 11, 2012 at 11:22 pm #

    May the Lord continue to bless your sales Donald, and all those you end up doing business with!

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