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Quantity discounts for The Power of Music

The Power of Music

If The Power of Music has been an encouragement to you and you would like additional copies to help others establish a Biblical perspective on music, then you can save $3.00 per book on a quantity of 5 books for $11.99 each.   In addition, if you know of a group that would like to […]

It’s Not the Economy

The economy is a surface issue. It is only one indicator of God’s blessing (or lack of blessing) on a country. The root issue for God’s people is a broken and contrite spirit. Have we humbled ourselves the way in which He really wanted? Deeper than praying for God’s blessing is seeking for God’s best, […]

Everyone Votes

This year everyone votes. Like it or not it’s evident there are just two sides in this election. Every citizen of the United States will identify which side they are on with their vote (or lack of a vote) within the next three and a half days. Like many recent presidential elections, polls show that […]

It’s a Starved Rock Day!

A day at Starved Rock has been a HQ tradition for many years!

When Mr. Gothard announced tomorrow would be the Starved Rock day of the year, a surge of excitement swept the room. Fall has been gorgeous here and it was invigorating to spend a day hiking and sharing fellowship together as a staff team. Here are some photos of our trip and other recent highlights at […]