West Virginia Thanksgiving

Thank you, Governor Tomblin, for reminding us to love our neighbors as ourselves in this joyful season. Truly it is more blessed to give than to receive, and no one cares for neighbors better than neighbors! It is a blessing and a joy to live in a Christian community.

From The Governor’s Desk: A weekly column by Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin
“Each Thanksgiving, families travel from places near and far to share a meal and spend time together as a symbol of gratitude. The Thanksgiving table is often set using the best china and other favorite pieces with their own special meaning. Hours are devoted to the preparation of food, which seems to overflow the table and there is always room for lots of good conversation. Unfortunately, this picturesque celebration, with the abundance of company and delicious fare on Thanksgiving Day, is not experienced by all West Virginians.

“This holiday season I call upon all those who are able to share their blessings with others. Whether you donate non-perishable goods to a local soup kitchen, participate in a church-based collection, or volunteer to help serve a holiday meal at one of the many community Thanksgiving dinners, your efforts will make a difference.

“…The donations need not be grand gestures. Keep in mind that the small things can and often do make a world of difference. A simple can of beans, soup, or vegetables is always appreciated. When we all work together, we can make positive things happen.

“Every meal tastes better when you share it with good company. As you gather with friends and family, please consider adding to your traditions by creating a new one. Perhaps, you could visit a nursing home and enjoy some time with our most treasured citizens, our seniors. Maybe volunteer to help distribute holiday meals at your local food bank, or simply extend an invitation to a neighbor who may be alone this season. All family traditions must start somewhere. I cannot think of a better tradition than extending the joy of the season to those in your community.

“When we open our hearts, what we stand to gain is so much more than what we give. West Virginians are known for helping their neighbors in times of need. We share with a generous spirit. These are attributes of which we can all be proud and I ask you to let them shine, especially during this holiday season.”

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