Archive | October, 2010

Excursion to Pisco

Today the team took a three-hour drive south to Pisco. Thankfully, we had a nice big comfortable two-story tour bus for the trip! The excursion afforded us an excellent opportunity to view the rugged scenery along the Peruvian coast. The barren hills and desert landscapes bore testimony to the small amount of rainfall this area […]

Beyond our Expectations

Our incredibly busy schedule and the lack of consistent Internet connectivity has simply not allowed enough time for me to sort through and post pictures of each day. But it´s just miraculous what God has accomplished in the last two days. It seems like whatever we have asked God for in prayer, He gives! Thursday […]

Seminario de Pastores

David is 18. He had concluded that Christianity just didn´t make sense. He had given up on God and left church. However, his mom persuaded him to attend our service on Sunday night. When he heard testimony after testimony of God´s power at work in the lives of the young people on our team, his whole perspective […]

Health Day

Looking back over the events of the day, there was a definite theme of “health.” In the morning, we attended the final ceremony of a health conference where, along with other speakers, a doctor who used to work for NASA, spoke on the importance of preventive medicine versus simply treating disease. It was neat to […]

Character Blitz

Wow! What a day! Traveling a few hours west to a well-known school this morning, we taught the qualities of Attentiveness and Forgiveness. From telling stories and illustrating the importance of character during large-group training sessions, to sharing personal testimonies and answering deep questions in small-group classes, we were kept busy for the whole day. […]

First Day; a Full Day!

From Chicago to Guatemala City; from Guatemala City to San Salvador; from San Salvador to Lima! For the team of 50 or so young people, the day started at 1:00AM and wasn’t over until after 11:00PM. When we touched down in Peru, there wasn’t much time for respite. After stopping at our hotel to drop […]

Tonight is the night!

Well, our plane takes off for Lima, Peru, at 3:00AM tomorrow morning! That doesn’t leave much more time for preparation, but God has supernaturally allowed literally impossible things to get done over the past few days. Take for example, the business cards for all 50 team members. After days of work, the portraits and family […]

Is this true?

How many relevant Bible verses come to mind when you hear a saying such as the following two statements I came up with today? (It’s interesting what goes through a head while trecking through the woods with a weed-whacker.) How much fun you expect to have justifies nothing. How much fun you had was entirely […]

A Trip Back in Time

Going back a hundred years!

Last month we had the privilege of hosting the Stelzl family. One of the days they were here it rained so we all took a trip to school–A one room school house that is. It was fascinating to see the differences between present day schools and old fashioned schools. Here are ten differences we observed . […]