Life After Allergies

Believe it or not there is certainly life after death, and there is also life after allergies! We are each specially-configured and I should make the famous disclaimer that this post does not constitute “medical advice” “professional counsel” etc. but I must say that the following three tips have been the most helpful preventatives I’ve found to overcome allergic reactions, particularly reactions to pollen in spring and summer. 

Pollen is a good thing.Almost as far back as I can remember, I dreaded having itchy eyes and inflamed sinuses with every outdoor experience. Cool wet wash cloths and eye drops brought some relief but I began to think allergies were something I would have to live with. Amazingly, the Lord turned what I would have considered a curse into a great blessing. Through my allergies the Lord began motivating me to practice preventative medicine in regular ways and gave me the determination I needed to fast. . . .

Tip #1  Fast once or twice a week
    Fasting is giving your digestive system a rest. Fasting gives your “built-in janitor” the time to do a thorough house-cleaning, selecting and removing impurities of every kind. Drink lots of water during a fast. Expect weakness, achiness, and lack of energy. It is all worth it. Grow into it if you need to but aim for twenty-four hours. (Fasting begins twelve hours after eating). I find it works very well to skip a supper, breakfast and lunch, then eat a light but adequate supper on that evening. It’s also a big help to eat less meat and more vegetables/fruit the meal before entering a fast. Fasting can also be a Being able to work on your own land is a good thing too.valuable spiritual discipline and a time of reprioritizing. Do it as unto the Lord (Matthew 6:17-18).

Tip #2  Wear your bandanna while you’re weed-whacking!

Tip #3  Incorporate locally-harvested honey into your meals
   This worked wonders for James I remember. Figs and dates also loosen pollen grains that may be in the esophagus. And in general your body will appreciate it if you make the decision to eat what you know is healthy. (Everything tastes better after you’ve fasted anyway!)

Tip #4  Trace surface problems to root causes
   Often serious physical allergies such as asthma come from a root “spiritual” problem such as fear—the fear of being abandoned or left behind. When the root cause is taken care of the problem clears up.

So whether you suffer from allergies or know others who do, be encouraged. Allergies can be reversed. The Lord desires for us each to be ready and able to carry out what He designed us for. May He bring each of us to the point where what we thought was a curse becomes a testimony to His power and blessing in our life.


  1. Robert Staddon June 10, 2010 at 11:21 pm #

    Sound advice, Donald!

  2. Esther June 12, 2010 at 8:00 am #

    I came in from the orchard this morning and sneezed so many times it made my head hurt! I think I need to try a few of these things!

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