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Can you Bee-lieve it?

Happy Thanksgiving! I am rejoicing in the grace of God poured out on us this year in respect to our honeybees. We were able to harvest enough wildflower honey to supply our big family until next year’s harvest, and still have some to sell. The bees stayed semi-busy through the part of the summer that […]

Birding Buffalo Calf, Part II

No, the first day of hunting season is not a state holiday in West Virginia–but it was a time for celebrating when the Lord provided two deer for us. As Monday drew to a close I had another cause for thanksgiving too–a variety of birds enlivened the vicinity of my tree stand and reminded me […]

Socialization: Sociability or Socialism?

 Understanding is the ability to differentiate. You know that you understand when you are able to tell the difference between two given objects or ideas that have surface similarities. Now, in the “age of indefinition”, it is imperative for us to understand the following three terms for they are indeed different. Definitions follow the Random […]

An Amazing Blessing

This Thanksgiving one of the biggest things I am grateful for is family harmony. It is so important for members of a family to love one another. It is not only important for the well being of the family members, but for the ability of society to function as a whole. Family life shows everywhere […]

Fall Cleanup!

Yesterday we saw one accord in action as everyone worked together for our annual fall cleanup. We had great fun in the process! Everyone was on the same side, doing the same thing, with the end goal in mind.

A Bigger Waterfall

While in Virginia last weekend, we decided to take an afternoon off to go for a little hike in the Shenandoah mountains. We only had two hours, so we figured we would go as far as we could. It hadn’t rained in a while, so we crossed several dry creek beds. Then we came to […]

Do Hard Things … as a Family

Just as Nehemiah saw the work that needed to be done on the wall that surrounded Jerusalem, we began to see after six years here in West Virginia that serious refinishing work needed to be done on the porch that surrounds our house.         By dividing the work among ourselves we were […]

Four Fabulous Friends Fiddle Furiously!

violin quartet

God gave us an amazing opportunity to encourage a couple of churches here in Oklahoma City by playing a violin quartet. Last Sunday evening, we played Tracy Biddle’s arrangement “In His Presence” at Southern Temple Baptist Church, and this Sunday, we played it at Western Hills Baptist Church. I am so grateful for the opportunity […]