You are Invited!

Last week I asked God to teach me self-control so that I could be an example of self-control to those around me. The area He brought to mind was the need to replace my tendency to let my mind wander with the discipline of thinking about His Word.

Verses like Psalm 63:6 emphasize how the last moments of your day are an ideal time to turn your thoughts to the Lord by rehearsing and meditating on scripture. My problem is that I tend to proctrastinate by thinking “I don’t need to do that until I’m in bed, I’m just getting ready now.” The Lord showed me how abominable those thoughts are! Here the God of the huge universe notices not only the tiny earth but also me, not even a speck on the planet, and desires to communicate with me. When the idea pops into my head to quote scripture it is not just an idea, it is an invitation from God; The same God who walked with Adam and Eve in the cool of the day (Gen. 3:8), who invited Abraham out to look at the stars and give him a promise (Gen. 15:5), and the same God who called Moses up into the fiery mount to receive the commandments (Ex. 19:18-20). What am I thinking when I procrastinate with “Just a minute God”, or “I don’t feel like it now”? Anyway, it has really helped recently to take those promptings to meditate as an invitation to tap into the blessing of fellowship with Him. How thrilling that the invitation is open day and night.

Thank you all for your prayers as we now take these lessons on self-control into daily practice throughout the coming week.


  1. Jenny Wilkes January 21, 2008 at 5:26 pm #

    What a timely post Esther! The Lord has been stirring my heart in this area as well. What an awesome invitation He has for us. Tapping into the promises and blessing of the Lord brings undescribable peace. May we truly take the time to be with our Lord!
    Thank you for this encouragment! You are in my prayers.

  2. Robert January 22, 2008 at 10:04 pm #

    Esther, this has been a real motivation to me tonight. You are so right! Thanks for sharing God’s Word!

  3. James January 23, 2008 at 11:09 am #

    Thank you Esther for that great exhortation. I must say I really can identify with what your saying. We really do need to be sensitive for those great invitations from God!

  4. Donald January 31, 2008 at 2:22 am #

    Thank you Esther. That was a creative way to put it. The Good Shepherd be with us while we follow Him.

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