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Christmas Eve Festivities

One thing I thank God for, especially at this time of year, is a loving and energy-giving family. We were able to show our love for each other in a practical way on Christmas Eve in the form of a gift exchange. For weeks, we all worked diligently and secretly on preparing special, personalized gifts […]

Christmas Company

During this Christmas season, God has allowed us to show His love through hospitality in sharing our home with others. On December 19, the day Robert and I returned from Chicago, Dad invited one of his co-workers from work for dinner. Everyone had decorated the house splendidly. Even I was impressed with the beautiful Christmas […]

Behind the Sun

For Christmas Esther gave the family a video she had seen while spending some time in Oklahoma City—Behind the Sun from Open Doors International. Tonight we were finally able to watch it! This dramatic story follows the life of Samir Majan, a young man from a Muslim family who has found Christ while attending college […]

A Merry Christmas

The night was crisp and clear. Between two very cloudy days, the Lord blessed us with a cool and beautiful Christmas Day–and night. I stood in an apartment complex looking up at the night sky. Between two towering apartment buildings against the velvet of deep purple sky, hung a full moon, radiating its calm, bright […]


Last night I witnessed Taiwanese hospitality once again. Mr. and Mrs. Liu invited Lucas and I to their home for a visit/Christmas party/birthday party all at once. It was wonderful. Even though I didn’t get the chance to wash dishes I still felt right at home. Lucas and I first helped make a fresh garden […]

Huckabee Continues to Rise

Watching the polls for the fast approaching Republican primaries have been exciting. Huckabee’s has been in the midst of an incredible surge since late November. In fact, I was planning on posting something about his success in the beginning of December! But his surge continues. Here are a few staggering statistics. Among Republicans, Huckabee leads […]

A Weekend With the Wilkes

Flash News Interviews brings to you a weekend with the Wilkes. The highlights are well summarized in the following quotes. David: “I had fun playing an escape game on the hill in the tall grass with Kenan, Adam, and Sarah.” Jonathan: “Everything was fun but I enjoyed playing soccer the most” Daniel: “I am so […]