Cooling Down

{LFOuting06} Northwoods Conference CenterOn the 11th of November, Life Focus 14 came to a close. As a way to cool down and be refreshed after seven weeks of serving, all the leaders took a relaxing trip up to the Northwoods Conference Center for a few days. The second day we were there, it snowed; at night, you could see the glow of the northern lignts; the lakes partially froze; this was as far north as I had ever been.


{LFOuting06} Lake SunriseIn this tranquil and peaceful place, we enjoyed rest, recreation, and good discussions that helped us wind down. While we had the opportunity, we{LFOuting06} Creek Crossing went hiking among the cedars, kayaking on partially frozen lakes, and tried our hand at bowling and other indoor activities. What I enjoyed most was probably the fellowship with the leaders as we talked about Life Focus’ past and future. It was a sad parting at the end but everyone knew we had made the most of the time we had.

{LFOuting06} Thomas and Chad face each other off at Foo{LFOuting06} Waiting kayaks{LFOuting06} All the Leaders 

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  1. Robert November 25, 2006 at 1:12 am #

    Great pictures James! The Northwoods look so beautiful in the winter time with the snow.

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