A Wonderful West Virginia Weekend

Uncle Tom Curran and RobertThis past weekend was the 22nd Annual Apple Butter Festival here in Salem, West Virginia. But what really made it a fun and memorable time for me was the family and friends that came to visit over the weekend. Friday evening we enjoyed having Great Aunt Evelyn, Uncle Tom, and Cousin Michael over with Grandpa and Grandma for dinner and a game of Rook.

David, Daniel, Jonathan, Chris, and Tim

Chris stirs the apple butterWalking through the festival grounds with cousins Tim and Chris the next day, we stopped to chat with the old-time apple butter makers Tim stirs the apple butterand took a turn stirring the steaming apple butter as it simmered in the big iron kettle. It takes eight long hours of cooking over an open fire before the apple butter is ready to be enjoyed. But when it finally is ready, yum, is it good!

Our afternoon entertainment centered around a couple of gamesPlaying Settlers of Catan of Settlers of Catan. To our surprise, our cousins already knew about this favorite family game and were old pros at it. Later in the day, the Potter family arrived from Virginia with their copy of Settlers. Needless to say, we enjoyed several fun games together.

Gabriel, Esther, and Jewel play croquetIt was the first time the Potters had come out to visit us since our move to West Virginia and we all enjoyed playing with the children, taking a hike around the property, making music together, and catching up on what the Lord’s been doing in each other’s lives. Their memorable visit brought a fitting conclusion to a wonderful West Virginia weekend.

The Potter Family

pictures taken by Robert Staddon

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  1. James October 19, 2006 at 2:03 pm #

    What an exciting week you all must have had. I am so glad to hear it worked out for the Potters to come. I am thinking that those games of Catan were pretty fierce as everyone who played had lots of experience. It was also good to see the Brearlys in the pictures. Enjoy the apple butter!

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