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Pic of the Month: November ’10

Hangin’ In There As I was going through the pictures I had taken over the past month, this one clearly stood out as the one with the most suggested activity: that split-second moment between swinging out of the tree and landing safely on the ground. Well, suggested at best; it really wasn’t as perfect timing […]

Winter lingers

Cozy home in the hills

Although the weather station predicted about three inches of snow on Thursday and Friday followed by partly sunny weather for a few days, the snow didn’t stop and by Saturday morning, thirteen inches had fallen on top of the existing eight inches and more was still expected the next two days! Although very snowy, it […]

Snowstorm Pictures!


Along with all the troubles of being without electricity, God also gave us the beauty of the snow and the joy of wintertime fun. Here are just a few of our pictures of this memorable time. As I write this, snow is pouring down outside again, but this time it is so cold that it […]