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What March is Like in West Virginia


Since I don’t think we’ve ever done a documentary themed assignment before, I got excited when Nature Friend Magazine had the idea to publish photo essays of The Month of March in your corner of the world! A demonstration video had to be filmed before March began, so I chose 7 days near the end […]

Remember Spring

Spring morning

Most of you know that I enjoy the fall season. It is the middle of autumn now and we have experienced the joys of reaping what was sown, and drying, canning, pickling… and being pickled (in our own sweat!) 🙂 And of coarse we are looking forward to Thanksgiving, when “the frost is on the […]

Pic of the Month: April ‘11

Spring Overlook Having spent this entire month in South Korea taking photography sorties on a regular basis, it was not easy to choose a pick from the sizeable archive. But I narrowed it down to this one because of the steps that led up to it’s creation. It was late in the afternoon, and I […]

Spring Work

Much has been accomplished on the property this spring thanks to the availability and cooperation of the whole family. In addition to starting the garden, working the beehives, and maintaining the orchard, we had ordered almost 70 new nut trees, fruit trees and shrubs. The plan was to dig a large hole for each one […]