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Testimonies from Prison


I can’t believe the entire week has passed and the prison Journey to the Heart is over! After working with 9 inmates from Monday to Sunday last week, I thought I would share a few snippets from an e-mail I wrote the family on Thursday: “It’s impossible to explain what its like here on this […]

Marilee’s Baby Shower!

Happy family of four!

October 12 was the Saturday when both sets of grandparents were in town and friends and neighbors gathered to so generously celebrate Marilee’s birth! It is exciting to look at Marilee’s little face and imagine the incredible plans and accomplishments the Lord has arranged for her in the years to come.

The Constitution, Part VIII

Surrounded by farms, the church and the town hall formed the nucleus of our earliest towns.

Thanksgiving is due for the principles underlying the sixth amendment. Our forefathers knew that secret, biased trials would not work, so they outlined this second of four amendments to help the judicial process remain unencumbered. Do you think you can memorize it by Thanksgiving? AMENDMENT 6 In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the […]