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Lay Up Treasures Testimony

Sauntina and Kendalyn dropped me off at the airport

As you can see from the pictures, this has been such a glorious week in OKC. Visiting Amy, her husband Kenyon and sweet little Abigail has been a fun, encouraging vacation! But let me tell you how the Lord grabbed my attention on Wednesday night to remind me to let go of earthly treasures and […]

The Constitution, Part IV

Reenactor poses by the banister at the house Washington used as a headquarters during the winter at Valley Forge

The militia is defined as a body of soldiers in a state enrolled for discipline, but not engaging in actual service except in emergencies, as distinguished from regular troops, whose sole occupation is war or military service. AMENDMENT 2 A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of […]

The Constitution, Part III

Another taste of Valley Forge

The Bill of Rights is divided into ten parts, most of them very short, and written in sentences that are direct and easy to understand. Because it is the most practical part of the Constitution for civilians to memorize let’s start with it. Here is AMENDMENT 1: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment […]

Go the Second Mile Testimony

Dad and Mom came to surprise Robert for his birthday!

Wednesday night July 10. Grace and I are shopping until Kinleigh  flys in. Her plane keeps getting delayed so we keep shopping. About 8:00 Kendalyn calls and says her friend, Caila is stranded at an airport overnight, would I pick her up? Grace hears my reply to Kendalyn on the phone: “Well, if it would […]

Happy Independence Day!

Mr. & Mrs. Wilkes lead the way!

Liberty is effected from the inside out. Praise the Lord for independence from sin and self! All fifty-one of us entered the Independence Day Parade with deep excitement and a readiness to give. The Good News of Jesus Christ, like the good seed, can be met with any number of responses. We were not disappointed. […]

Love the Lord Testimony

Daniel juggling

I am so grateful that Dad has encouraged us to write testimonies about how the Lord is teaching us His commands. This week the command He challenged me with is to love Him above all else. (Matthew 21:21-22). "la, la, la, la, la" My alarm was going off again. I pushed snooze a couple times […]