Archive | January, 2013

Sassafras Season

It might be winter now, but Sassafras (or Sassyfras to some) season is just around the corner! Some time in the first half of February, well before the trees start to bud and after the ground has thawed, you can dig out a few Sassafras roots (a little goes a long way) and enjoy Sassafras […]

Babysitting Sauntina!

It is such a joy to have an evening with Sauntina while Robert and Kendalyn are out on their date night. Last week Sauntina and I decided we would try making a video to capture all the fun we have. It’s not bad for a first attempt. For our sequel we plan to hire a […]

Winter Fun at HQ!

Friends are such a blessing!!!

I love ice-skating! God has given such variety to enjoy! I have probably walked past the ponds here at Headquarters at least 300 times so getting a new perspective by actually being on top of a pond was a lot of fun. I stayed out with Elisabeth until almost dark and the moon was so […]

Sandy Hook

Christians of America, you’re the light of the world, a city on a hill! You have been given the freedom, to tell others about Jesus at will. Into how much evil must my neighbors fall, before I wake up to the call: To do and say what Jesus would, if He was here among us […]