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The Story of the Stars

“The heavens declare the glory of God”! But how? Well, a study of the twelve constellations won’t foretell your fortune but it will fan the flames of your faith. The names of the stars in Egyptian, Arabic and Syriac, as well as Hebrew give clues to what the original meaning of those “signs” were. Cancer, […]

A Flare Prayer

Success in the maneuver required an early approach.

“Lord, please make it rain NOW!” It was hoarse whisper. I was flat on my face, in the grass on the hillside. My left hand grasped my single weapon and I kept my head low. Advances had been made, but the enemy, thoroughly aroused, now swarmed through the area. I had been hit once but […]

The Mother/Daughter Vacation

Amy was a beautiful bride!

Today is the 1 month wedding anniversary of my good friends Kenyon and Amy Curtis! What a joy it was to witness their beautiful wedding at Southwest Baptist Church. On our way home from Robert and Kendalyn’s wedding in Houston, our family and the Wilkes team had dropped Mom and I off in OKC to […]

Miracles Not a Few!

Petitioning our Commander in Chief.

A bemused expression flickered across the faces of the first family to arrive as they pulled into the empty parking lot. It was July 8, the long-awaited day. For the first time in history, West Virginia would be home to a Family Encouragement Weekend! Six o’clock was starting time; 4:30 was dinner time; and the […]

Stripes of Red

Writing the Declaration of Independence, 1776 (Wikipedia image)

Of the 56 signers of the U.S. Declaration of Independence: 11 had their homes destroyed 5 were hunted and captured Abraham Clark had two sons imprisoned on the British starving ship Jersey John Witherspoon’s son was killed in battle Francis Lewis’ wife was imprisoned and died from the harsh treatment Many, such as Thomas Nelson […]

Pic of the Month: June ‘11

The Bouquet Perhaps I am becoming superfluous in my posts about the wedding, but so much happened on that day that I can’t but help it. After all, it was the greatest photography highlight of the month. I chose this picture because of how different it was than all my other pictures. And perhaps it […]

“My Joy Therefore is Fulfilled”

“He that hath the bride is the bridegroom: but the friend of the bridegroom, which standeth and heareth him, rejoiceth greatly because of the bridegroom’s voice: this my joy therefore is fulfilled" (John the Baptist, speaking of Jesus in John 3:29). One of the foremost characteristics of Robert and Kendalyn’s wedding was joy. It was […]