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Turkey Hunt!

4-27-2011_Turkey Hunt_1

This was no normal turkey hunt. In fact, there is no such thing as a normal turkey hunt around here, because none of us had ever turkey hunted before! However, a friend from church happens to be a real pro, and out of his overflowing generosity he asked if any of us would be interested […]

An Extended Adventure


As we sat around the table at the Osan Air Base Chili’s restaurant enjoying some American food, Andy and Renae commented to Adam and I that they wished it had worked out that the two of us could have planned to come to their house for the Easter weekend. Instantly, I knew it would be […]

Birding Buffalo Calf, Part III

April 1

Does it ever come time to clean the house when you would rather be doing something else? That’s why we have character-builders instead of chores. Daily tasks are opportunities—opportunities to develop thoroughness, joyfulness, dependability, endurance, creativity, hospitality and initiative. Monday morning character-builders pave the way for a more efficient, hassle-free week. But this Monday! The […]

God Opens the Door to Osan

Waiting for the train_JAS_0609

“While I’m here in Korea, I’d like to visit Osan Air Base where Dad was stationed in the 70s” I told Adam one evening soon after my arrival. Though executing smaller excursions can make long-distance travel less daunting, there was one factor that time couldn’t rectify: getting on post. As a civilian, it is impossible […]

Only 10 Days Left!

If you are a photographer and have some nice scenic images you want published, this might be the opportunity you are looking for. I am working on putting together a Korean Commands of Christ 2012 calendar, and the deadline for submitting images is April 30. See this blog post for more details. Hope you can […]

The High Places of the Earth, Part VI

West Virginia's Highest Point

Spruce Knob    Elevation 4,863 feet (1482 meters) Visiting Spruce Knob was just a dream for a long time–until last weekend! Thank you! to everyone who made it possible—and for hiking through the windy wilderness with me. By the way, how does West Virginia’s highest point compare with other “high places” in the US??? Highest […]

Soup in a Bread Bowl!

A bun . . .

Follow bread recipe, adding Rosemary (1/4 tsp per loaf) for extra flavor After dough has risen, divide each loaf into 4 balls Place on cookie sheets and flatten slightly Cover and let rise until doubled, about 30 minutes Lightly beat 1 egg white with 2 Tbsp of water and brush mixture onto risen loaves. Bake […]

Our Favorite Sister-in-Law-to-be.


  Kendalyn Kowalchuk’s first meeting with the Staddon Brigade (in it’s entirety) came on the night of March 10, 2011, just prior to the North Carlina FEW Conference, at the Neelys’. From all the preceding Skype calls and Robert’s illustrious reports, it seemed she had been a part of the family already for quite a […]