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Pic of the Month: March ‘11

New River Gorgeousness Owing to much planning, traveling, and work, there was not much time for photography this past month. But having a camera handy at all times does pay off. We had been on the road for over six hours, and there was a good three hours left to go. It just so happened […]

Happy Birthday James!

Such a sweet baby!

It is such a blessing to look back over the happy years of your growth into a man of God! We thank the Lord for allowing you to be a member of our family and praise Him for your wholehearted eagerness to lay aside all else in pursuit of the incredible journey He has prepared […]

Perspective from Sir Isaac Newton

Your life, for you, is the “greatest drama of all time” for sure, as well as your greatest opportunity, but did you ever think that all of life, history and science is also one created entity, and therefore, under it’s Creator, the one “greatest riddle of all time”? I’ve reached as far as chapter one […]

Full First Day

Asiana Airlines is comfortable and excellence-focused

Jet-lag is a strange experience. And this is one of the factors that made my first full day in South Korea so extraordinary. After a full day of work in Chicago on Wednesday, I was not able to get a nap in before taking off at 1:00AM on Thursday morning. A few hours of light […]

My First Three Arab Acquaintances

"How beautiful are feet of him that bringeth good tidings . . ."

The first time I remember getting to know an Arab family was in Moscow. I was there to teach English. My friends were there for economical reasons I believe. At first we had only occasional contact. Then I heard that one by one each one in the family had come to know Christ as their […]

North Carolina FEW Conference

A full parking lot

Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah! The first Family Encouragement Weekend of the year was a smashing success. However, the enemy’s opposition was evident. We did have a “few” interruptions, unexpected medical complications, and other spiritual warfare, but “greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world.” Once again good overcame evil! Each […]

Wise Men Take Warning

Suffer a post without pictures I pray you, Hear me out for a parable or two . . . Once upon a time in a remote place was a little village. The school of the town was a mere one-room schoolhouse, but it had an incredible aptitude for fostering the participation of all sorts of […]

Dear Mom,

Which one was this?

There could hardly be a better blog post than one devoted entirely to letting you know how much you mean to us! First off, thank you from your firstborn! Thank you for bringing me into the world. And thank you for answering my questions on Easter morning, April 21, 1983, showing me the way to […]

Business and Busy-ness

In the past few months our art projects have ranged from a university emblem . . .

“I must be about My Father’s business” (Luke 2:49) This is March! The days are drawing longer and while the bight of winter hasn’t released its grip completely I am reminded that the rewards of the harvest belong to those with the mindset: “Let’s do it as early as possible, not as late as possible!” […]