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Minnesota Retreat!

Brianna and I in front of the farm house where we stayed.

Earlier this month I joined the Christiansen’s, Gomezes and Julie for a relaxing staff retreat in the beautiful countryside of MN. I’d never been there before and enjoyed my stay immensely! We had a grand celebration for Norm and Marlys’s 40th wedding anniversary, went hiking at national parks, boated down the St. Croix river that […]


Washington returned to serve his country when he well might have retired to Mount Vernon.

It has been a long time now since I posted, asking the question about Adams’ alleged quoted saying that the Revolutionary War combined the principles of government and the principles of Christianity. Denise, by way of leaving a comment, answered very well. Now how can we apply the relation of religion and government to what […]

25 Years of Homeschooling

Don Staddon

Dad was really blessed to share the following testimony at the ATI Regional Conference in Indianapolis. God has been so good to us through 25 years of homeschooling! Here is a link to the video: Another post you might enjoy on the ATI Family Support Link Live! is Daniel’s testimony from the Bible Bee!

A Place of Grand Reunions!

View from the air

Saturday I flew into MN to meet up with our In The Gap team for a staff retreat! At the airport I enjoyed observing many grand reunions of those who had had a long day of travel. Suddenly faces lit up from across the room as people ran to greet their loved ones with a […]



One of the things the Staddons have always done is make their own granola! It’s great as a topping, as a breakfast cereal, or even a special gift. Our method of making it has changed in small ways many times and we have tried many different varieties, some of them unforgettable! 🙂 At the present […]

What will Kagan do?

It is troubling when a nominee like Kagan is considered mainstream. Senator Kit Bond of Missouri knows that “The massive expansion of government power we’ve seen over the last 18 months puts our country at a unique time in history”. His bull’s-eye assessment: “Putting a check on activist government power and adhering to our Constitution […]

Pray for the FEW!

“So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen” (Matthew 20:16). Our family is now in Brandy Station, Virginia, helping out with yet another incredible Family Encouragement Weekend! I’ll see what pictures I can take, but our main purposes for being here is to work together in […]