Summary: From Coast to Congress

Many things happened today, but I only have time to share about two.

We stopped in Callao again today and had lunch at the Yacht Club Peruano. There was a huge deck at the end of a pier that looked out over the bay where tables were set where we dined. It was gorgeous, and God even brought the sun out to cut off the slight chill that is ever present during their winter.




In the evening, we were invited to sing at a special Christian event at none other than Peru’s House of Congress! This is one event I’ll never forget.

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Please pray for alertness. Everyone on the team is very tired after getting very little sleep throughout the week. There is no time during the day for rest, so pray we would be able to use our time very wisely during the few hours of the evening and morning we are at the hotel. Buenas noches!

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