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Pic of the Month: February ’10

Standing Alone There’s something about taking pictures at this time of year–it’s just really hard to find anything colorful. Though in winter it is the nature photographer’s goal to find and showcase hidden color, there are times when it simply doesn’t exist. Hence, one must compensate with high contrast and well defined shapes. For shapes […]

More Pictures With a Story

To answer a question from the earlier post on this subject, yes we do have a straight-on photo of the painting teacher Tony did for me before I left Taiwan. Along with it came many more pieces of art from the churches and the school. (By the way I have so much that the Taiwanese  […]

Snowstorm Pictures!


Along with all the troubles of being without electricity, God also gave us the beauty of the snow and the joy of wintertime fun. Here are just a few of our pictures of this memorable time. As I write this, snow is pouring down outside again, but this time it is so cold that it […]

The Valentine’s Banquet

  Last Friday evening, the single staff here at Headquarters worked diligently to host a Valentine’s Banquet in honor of the directors and couples serving with IBLP. But this was no ordinary banquet! The six course meal, lavish decorations, and creatively decked tables attested to the countless hours spent in making this the most memorable […]

Esther’s Car Accident

I would like to take this opportunity to say how faithful, gracious and merciful the Lord has been to allow me to have another undeserved year on this earth. I celebrated my birthday with a renewed gratefulness and zeal for life due to this near death experience. God’s faithfulness was demonstrated in a very big […]

An Interest in Israel, Part II

It’s clear that world history never really deviates from it’s focus on the Middle East. “East”, as opposed to “the West”, refers to the Old World: Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia. China, Japan and the other countries of eastern Asia can be called the Orient or the Far East because they are the furthest east. […]

Snowstorm in West Virginia!

The power has been out here for over 4 days now, longer than ever before in our family’s experience! On Friday evening, February 5, the rain turned to sleet, and then to a thick snow that stuck to everything and mounted up to twelve inches. The scenery was breathtaking, especially in the forest where even […]

Do Not Offend One of These Little Ones

Its great to be in the schools again! This session I have also been taking training which has been very helpful and improved my teaching skills.  During training one Monday afternoon, Amy read this to us and it renewed my vision for the work here. It discribes our work well. Think of a child whose […]