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Pic of the Month: January ’10

Nope, I haven’t forgotten about posting the Pics of the Month! I just figured it would be better to post them on the last day of the month instead of the first; that way, each picture will actually have something in common with the month it’s supposed to represent. When December rolls around, how can […]

Update from Indy

The Father’s Conference here at the Indianapolis Training Center is progressing very well! It is quite exciting that Robert, Esther, Daniel and myself have been able to help out, from washing dishes and  preparing food to running video cameras and manning book tables. It’s a first for all four of us to be working on […]

Honor Through Service

Grandpa didn’t keep a high-paying job with Boeing when he felt called to duty–though he could have. Nor did he claim the Purple Heart–though he could have. And when he came back from the service, Grandpa didn’t have to share his experiences with us–but he did. His stories reflected his understanding of having a just […]

Photo Revelry

    As time goes by, the web site has grown into a kind of album. Since there were so many pictures from our trip that still didn’t make it into our posts we decided to devote one more post to pictures! We hope you will share in our joy both for what the Lord […]

The 10th Miracle

Returning home on the last leg of our Florida journey, we made one last stop at our grandparents’ house in Salem, West Virginia. After all, there’s no place like home – except Grandma’s. Robert, Esther, James, and Daniel especially relished the visit before heading off to the mid west once again. The thick blanket of […]

Birthday with the Bates Family

One of the greatest evidences of the Lord’s blessing on our family vacation was the way he timed each stop. In North Carolina, the day of our arrival providentially coincided with the day our cousin needed help packing for a move; in Savannah, Georgia, the one day we passed through was the day after school […]