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After a full day of travel, I was grateful to be in Mexico! Robert and I are here with a mission team from IBLP, who will be encouraging pastors who are attending a major conference in Mexico City. We were all hungry when we arrived, but we couldn’t find a place to eat because it […]

This Week’s Family Night is …

One Friday night we were all  wondering what Jonathan would choose to do for his turn on Family  Night.  He surprised us by saying “Let’s play darts!” We all  thought   was a super idea so we ran out to the garage game room where the dart board was that dad had recently mounted on the […]

An Interest in Israel

Recently we were surprised to see the announcement for a church seminar on the customs of the Jewish people. Their calendar, language and of course their history have been of interest to us for a long time. The two hour seminar flew by and Jonathan and I were both feverishly taking notes. Israel is truly […]

The Herb Puzzle

I am thankful that God  gave us taste buds. I’m also glad He gave us good-tasting things to eat–and herbs can make them taste even better! My family did not use herbs very much when I was a child, at home, so I’ve had to learn this art from talking with others through the years. […]

Birding Buffalo Calf

Over the past few weeks my Scripture memory has centered around Matthew 6:33, using the birds and the lilies as examples of God’s care for his creation and, much more, for us. Then came an opportunity one morning to “behold the fowls of the air” in our own yard. As busy as ever it took […]