Archive | July, 2009

A Surprise Birthday Banquet

After solving a puzzling birthday mystery, I thought the party was over. Boy, was I wrong! The Paine family, who just moved up from Indianapolis, had prepared a surprise feast and invited all the guys from HQ! Mrs. Paine and her team of helpers had cooked up tasty shish kabob, sweet corn, and a whole […]

A “Puzzling” Birthday Surprise!

Thanks to many wonderful people and special friends, my birthday today was a very memorable one! But this evening, as I opened cards from friends and relatives from far and near, something a bit “puzzling” emerged. Each card contained several puzzle pieces inside of it! As I read the messages inside of each card and […]

Independence Day Duet

Happy Independence Day! Here is a patriotic duet that Clayton and I played at the Nashville ATI Regional Conference last year. My hope is that it will inspire everyone who listens to apply the promise of II Chronicles 7:14: “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek […]

Beginning Good-byes

What a privilege to witness the kindness of the Taiwanese people. Before camps start for the summer, they held an official Farewell Party for us and two of the teachers who were retiring. Last week was a big week. At different times it was good to take time to share a meal and say good-bye […]

Pic of the Month: July ’09

Steinway & Sons Early in the month of June, I happened to stop in with Robert at the Steinway Piano of Chicago outlet not too far from IBLP Headquarters. The moment I entered the store, I scolded myself for not bringing a camera. There were so many pianos I could hardly believe it! And each […]