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Life Change

Lives are changed one decision at a time. Small decisions set the pattern for all decisions. And that’s why our family is rejoicing over the testimonies of obedience that we heard from several young children this past weekend. It is a delight to share them with you! Hannah was told to go to bed and […]

Dad, Where Are You?

“The boy teased and picked on his classmate endlessly! He knew just what would make him mad. He knew what name to call him to irritate him the most and said it often. He was merciless, loud and rude. Finally the classmate ran into the restroom crying and wouldn’t come out.”  This was the prayer […]

What’s That!?

As we were enjoying a wonderful lunch outside, something in the orchard caught my eye. “Oh no! Michael look what’s hanging on the apple tree! Quick get your Equipment. Do you need help?” I ran to get the camera and followed him to the orchard. The following video is what was in the orchard and […]

The Church’s Highest Aim

Before the word “Christians” was invented in Antioch, the followers of Christ were commonly called “disciples” (Acts 6:7 and over 20 other times in the book of Acts) and “saints” (60 times in the Epistles and Acts). The significance of the use of the word “saints” is that it means “holy” (hagios in the Greek, […]

A Student’s Morning

Yesterday about a third of the young men and women, the 9th-grade students, of Nan Jung Junior High School all concluded their time here and commenced a new chapter of life. It was graduation day. Our time as teachers is also drawing short but without quite the same level of significance. As we drove to […]

The Inspiration of Nashville ’09

Our annual trips to the ATI Regional Conferences have always been packed with excitement! On the way to Nashville this year, we passed the time in the van by listening to Focus on the Family’s Radio Theatre audiodrama of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. This detailed account of his life was a definite inspiration to live wholeheartedly for […]

Late-Night Escapade

I will keep you in suspense no longer! Here are the pictures from our little hike down to the end of the Bates’ driveway; you see, that’s where the mouth of the cave was. Despite it being 10:30PM by the time the days work was done, dinner was cleaned up, the family meeting over, and […]

Meet the Bates Family

Driving up to the construction site, we were welcomed by happy children who pulled back the sheets to invite us into their home. You see, a grand addition to the house had been under way for the past eleven days which required knocking out the front of the house. However, exhaustion from the work and […]