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Pic of the Month: June ’09

Thy Word is Light In terms of photography, last month was very productive. Though I went on more ventures than usual considering the beauty and variety of subject matter at this time of year, I wasn’t confined to taking pictures outside only. This image was taken in my room late on Thursday night, approximately ten […]

Change of Plans

This weekend is a weekend that the people of Taiwan have been looking forward to. It’s Dragon Boat Festival. And it is a “four-day weekend” including Sunday. Many plan to see their relatives; many plan to rest; but everyone plans to have dzong-ze. It consists of rice with mushrooms, peanuts and meat etc in the […]

Plan F

Plan A – Leave Sunday School Teacher’s Book in classroom at church after using it to teach lesson, so that Teacher can pick it up during the week. Oh no! I forgot and brought it home with me. Plan B – No problem! Just take the Teacher’s Book with us to evening church and leave […]

“Fishing” Stories

Recently, I have been really encouraged to hear many exciting reports from young people who participated in Living the Journey’s Challenge II and have been making an extra effort to learn how to be more effective “fishers of men” as they share the Good News of salvation with others. Here are some links to a […]

Springtime at HQ

At 5:45 this morning, I jumped out of bed excited about a photo venture Allen Parfitt and I had planned to a local train yard. But alas, it was not to be; due to an unexpected turn of events, the venture had to be called off. Well, instead of being disappointed, I used the morning […]

Stories from Big Sandy

Wow! I can’t believe the Big Sandy Conference has already passed! During the Conference, each day felt like a whole week; but now, the whole trip seems like a dream. Regardless of it’s length, it is certain that God’s hand of blessing was upon it. Words could be written without end of the phenomenalities encountered […]

The High Places of the Earth, Part IV

Tengjhih National Forest reaches 1800 meters/5900ft and boasts a mature fir forest that it is not only beautiful and cool in the summer but also full of birds. It was my fourth hike with the Kuo family. It was also one of the only places in Taiwan that reminded me of West Virginia! The striking […]

Spring Work

Much has been accomplished on the property this spring thanks to the availability and cooperation of the whole family. In addition to starting the garden, working the beehives, and maintaining the orchard, we had ordered almost 70 new nut trees, fruit trees and shrubs. The plan was to dig a large hole for each one […]

The Noticer

I just couldn’t make myself put it down! The story was entertaining and fun, yet the underlying principles were profound and powerful. I starting reading it to a group of friends. They laughed. They listened. Then they asked me to read another chapter! To be honest, I don’t have the time to read very much […]