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Happy Birthday — Israel

May 14, 1948 is the official day that Israel was reborn. But on the Hebrew Calendar, with months that stay true to the phases of the moon, the date was yesterday, Iyar 5, the fifth day of the second Hebrew month in the year. Originally the month was called Zif (“zeev”) meaning bright or splendorous, […]

Future Human Habitat

After reading of some folks’ concerns about a sustainable human future on our planet, I am reminded of the words of God: “men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth;” Luke 21:26 Their primary concerns are poor environment, overpopulation, and unsustainable economy. Yet these pale […]

In Neutral

There is always that thrill of excitement–come this time of the year–when talk of preparing for the ATI Regional Conferences actually becomes reality. Everyone at Headquarters is involved in the preparation work, but only a few are able to minister at the actual locations. As the weeks and days before the Big Sandy Conference passed […]

Clay Creations

One of my favorite Christmas presents were two kinds of clay that Mom bought for me. One is pure white and stays soft until baked in the oven. After it is baked it is ready to be painted. The other is already colored and can be used over and over. Jonathan and I have had […]

Tremendously Blessed

The members of the church I attend here in Chaojhou have been tremendous examples of generosity. The pastor and his family have provided long-standing encouragement in just about every area and a “Thank You blog” could be pretty long . . . . I will hit some highlights here. I didn’t have my camera with […]

Are You Ready for a Challenge?

Living the Journey is hosting a second challenge! This one goes beyond memorization and involves actually sharing the plan of salvation with someone during the week of May 5-9. Jonathan has already successfully completed memorizing the required verses, quite a while before the April 23rd deadline! Go Jonathan! 🙂 Pray for each person who is […]

A Fruitful Saturday Morning

There is a lot that goes into fruit production in Taiwan and one Saturday this April I was invited to join the banana harvest. Chen Po Hau’s father is a professional banana farmer. Together they told me a lot about how the fruits come to maturity, starting as a large bud at the top of […]

$100,000! Really?

Thus was my reaction when I heard that this was the breathtaking reward offered for the winner of the Shelby Kennedy Foundation’s world-class National Bible Bee Competition. What would you do with $100,000? I was unprepared for the overwhelming avariciousness which began to envelop me as I pondered this question and the materiality of the […]

Looking Ahead

Instead of reporting on a past event, maybe it will add a fresh dimension to our posts to give you an advance notice on some of the most important prayer requests for the months ahead. Though we don’t have specific dates yet, there are at least two chalk-talks coming up. The days leading up to […]

Homemade waffles

As a surprise for Robert and James, We made delicious, homemade, healthy, perfect waffles! While eating them, we remembered a funny story  we had read in one of Mom’s old cookbooks of how waffles may have originated. Here’s how it goes. “The first waffle is said to have been made in the 13th century England. […]