Archive | February, 2009

2008 Peach Trial Report

“Ye shall know them by their fruits.” For the past few years we have begun evaluating a few peach cultivars here in our orchard. A summary of our conclusions so far would simply be this, that the ‘Reliance’ cultivar (planted in 2005 on seedling stock) outperformed the other 4 varieties tested by a long  shot. […]

Yet Another Valentines Banquet!

Every year, come Valentines Day, the creative ingenuity of the Headquarters Staff swings into motion as they tirelessly organize an extravagant banquet for the IBLP Directors. The efforts put into the banquet this year were as meticulously detailed as ever! Without the help of many willing workers, each displaying the heart of a servant, the […]

Israel: Election Day

These are important days for Israel. And who wouldn’t agree that it’s an incredible time in history for us all! Whether for the sake of those around us or for the Lord in quiet prayer, our voice of support for Israel has the potential for great influence. My normal “posting day” isn’t until Thursday but […]

Preview of 2009

One of my last projects for 2008 was to design a 2009 calendar with images I’d captured of God’s awesome creation over the entire year. It amazed me how much time it took to assemble, design, proofread, and print as simple a project as a calendar! Though quality is proportionally dependent on the amount of […]