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Have you decided on any specific New Year’s resolutions yet? Maybe they would be easier to remember and apply if each resolution was connected to a certain character quality such as responsibility or truthfulness. Defining and recognizing good character is definitely a need at our time in history. A couple weeks ago, here at Nan […]


The dream of all gingerbread is to one day be a gingerbread house, set on a pedestal and admired by many a passerby. This season a fortunate  piece of gingerbread was bought and masterfully glued together with  icing into the shape of nothing less than a house! “Oh how exciting! It  actually happened to me! […]

The Sound of Music

Whether we take a weekend to celebrate Nan Jung’s 26th Anniversary, sing together as a team, sound the class bell for the English Village, listen to Bing Crosby while decorating the tree, or hear familiar Christmas melodies in Chinese, music is a powerful part of our lives even in Taiwan. I’ve been reminded of this […]

Mission to Mexico

People crowded around the book tables so tightly that I could not go anywhere! The enthusiastic response to each session was amazing. We were in Mexico sharing the truths of the commands of Christ with over one thousand pastors and churchgoers. The book How to Resolve 7 Deadly Stresses had just been translated into Spanish! […]

Christmas Conference 2008

  December 12 through 14 marked yet another refreshing and exciting IBLP Christmas Conference! Special speakers included Robb Thompson, Jon Burnham, and, of course, Bill Gothard. One highlight of the weekend was Robert and Clayton’s thirteen minute Christmas piano duet; incredibly invigorating, intense, and inspirational! Over the weekend, we enjoyed ice-skating, powerful testimonies, one-accord singing, […]

The Day of Reckoning

This fall I volunteered with an outstanding group of young people putting on Bible Clubs in OKC. The children who attended earned points based on their behavior, how many times they came, and if they brought their Bibles. Their points won them prizes given on the last club meeting of the semester. Those with the […]

IPS Photo Challenge – Week 4

This was a more challenging course than I had figured it would be! It takes a lot of creativity, patience, and time to really get the meat of what the course offers. Even though I was only able to meet about 75% of the assignments, it was well worth what I was able to get […]

Chocolate is a Fruit…

A friend of mine recently gave me the wonderful news that chocolate is a fruit! Why? Because anything that goes with chocolate is a fruit, and since chocolate goes so well with chocolate, chocolate must be a fruit. That’s good news because I like chocolate, especially dark chocolate, and always need an excuse to eat […]