Archive | August, 2008

Traveling Safari

  We had an amazing, once-in-a-life-time experience come to our little town in West Virginia. A group from Florida who raises zoo animals travels around to educate people about animals. It was a Safari on wheels! Esther, David and I decided to go down and spend an evening seeing it. It was small, of course, […]

Family Encouragement Weekend!

After much soul searching preparation, people relating information, and church building reservation, the Family Encouragement Weekend was ready to begin! Many thanks to the Wilkes for organizing this event! Between twelve and fifteen families attended totaling about 140 people. Not only did families from Virginia show their dedication to seeking God’s best, but also travelers […]

Off the Beaten Path

The road to Chicago from West Virginia is well traveled. It’s basically the four-lane all the way. Is there any good place to stop and take a break? This is the question Robert, Daniel and I had as we were driving back to Headquarters on Tuesday. We were pleasantly surprised that this was indeed true! […]