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Searching for Perfection

“The strawberries are ripe!” What a joyous proclamation! Up to the strawberry patch I went with bucket in hand. I pulled back the big, green, healthy leaves and my eyes ran to and fro throughout the whole patch in search for the perfect, deep red, juicy, flavorful berries as I envisioned a strawberry pie! I […]

The Story of the First Lily

Wow! I hope you have all taken time  to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of God’s creation this spring! Our Asian lilies were abundant and glorious and I hope that sharing them with you on this post will lead you once again to glorify God for His handiwork. Let me tell you the story of […]

Living the Journey

“Whoso offereth praise glorifieth me: and to him that ordereth his conversation aright will I shew the salvation of God.” Psalm 50:23 How do we “order our conversation aright” and receive the exciting benefit of this promise? The word for “conversation” in this verse literally means “journey” or “path.” One translation reads, “If you keep […]

Continuing Education

When we first began the work here, the opportunity was announced that schools in the area were looking for native speakers to teach at various public schools once a week. I decided to decline but stayed in reserves. Then one day reserves were needed and, fairly early last fall, I started another year of English […]

Photo Scavenger Hunt

During my 4th of July celebrations, one event stood out among the rest, namely, a patriotic Photo Scavenger Hunt. As a photographer, I thoroughly enjoyed this activity. But the neat thing about it is that everyone is involved, photographically talented or not. Each team of about seven people was given several different things to act […]

Our Help is in the Name of the LORD

On Independence Day, our family happened to read Psalm 124  in our morning devotions.  We could hardly believe how perfectly it fit the occasion! As you read the chapter, relate it to these historical facts: 1. God protected the armies under George Washington by sending a heavy fog to allow them to escape from Long […]

An HQ 4th of July

I have celebrated the 4th of July in many different places. Over the years, I remember celebrating with friends in Manassas, Winchester and Fairfax VA, with family in Salem and Morgantown WV, and away from home in Indianapolis IN. This year, I happened to be in Hinsdale, IL. The morning started off with, well, catching […]