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Seafarers of West Virginia

Jonathan and I got a great idea to make two boats that we could sail on our pond. First we got two boards from Dad that he couldn’t use any more and cut the front of them to a point. We hunted in the woods for some perfectly straight sticks for the mast. Then we […]

Character Correction

Have you ever felt like you are missing something but just can’t figure out what it is? What about in the area of displaying godly character? Do you have a problem with forgetting to apply a character quality over and over again regardless of how much you work on it? In the physical world, I […]

The Rest of the Team

God glorified is man fully alive Every team member from Taoyuan, Taipei, Hualien, Kinmen and Nantou was able to be a part of the retreat in Taipei for Easter weekend. It was a time to remember God’s faithfulness to each of us in the past year and an inspiration to “die to ourselves” and “live […]

O Day of Light and Gladness

O day of light and gladness, of prophecy and song, What thoughts within us waken, what hallowed memories throng! The soul’s horizon widens, past, present, future blend; And rises on our vision the life that hath no end. Earth feels the season’s joyance, from mountain range to sea The tides of life are flowing fresh, […]

Backyard Birding

Along with Easter, springtime is here and I’ve found an excellent method for successful spring birding here in Taiwan. Get up early. Stand on back porch. Look around. Actually it reminds me of some of the first sightings I ever made, at home, from the kitchen window. It was like a photo blind! Birds would […]

Snow Zoo

We love playing in the snow. We tried to think of something we could do in this snow even though it wasn’t deep enough to go sledding or packable enough to build anything. I really wanted to go outside for some fresh air so David and I got an idea to make a zoo! We […]

More of the Team

As simple as it may seem, coordinating “English immersion classes” for the fifth-graders of Taoyuan county is a huge task. Taoyuan city alone is a huge city population-wise and with the country’s largest airport nearby, it has become one of Taiwan’s busiest places. We really appreciate the office staff that work to coordinate our efforts […]

How to Create a Good Design

For the past few weeks, quite a bit of my time here at the Headquarters Graphic Art’s Department has been spent on designing all sorts of publications. Following are some simple steps on how to take a design project from start to finish. 1. Determine the theme, mood and/or purpose. A birthday card design will […]

“Lord, What Craft Should We Make?”

Praise God that He cares about little questions like this! With the deadlines for new lesson plans, I was studying late and still needing to be up early. This makes for a pretty tired Miss Esther. The whole process of asking God what to teach the children and how to explain it effectively keeps one in […]